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Spring release of Boomerang 3.0

Version:  Boomerang 3.0 (B3.21.01)

Release date: March 22nd 2021

In this release – B3.21.01 – we focus heavily on the platform architecture and technical/installation methods. This means that a lot of functionality are hidden under the hood, but some of the most visible news are:
  • the new object type “Technical object”
  • the new tab “Technical” on the object detail view
  • the “node structure” view in the menu.
  • format on email-alarms is improved
The “tab” and the “structure” improvements are to give the user a better understanding of the actual physical connections between the sensors, nodes, and gateways – which can differ from virtual group/object/measuring point set-up
Technical object
The technical object is to differ the technical measuring points (RSSI and battery) from the regular measuring points (Temperature, Humidity, CO2 etc.). The new object has the same properties as the regular object with the exception that it is hidden default on the dashboard. When you flip the “Show technical object” at the top of the dashboard, it will appear next to the regular object and be marked with a cog-wheel icon. The technical object will be auto-created when creating a gateway and the technical measuring points will be auto-installed into the technical object. It’s possible to add or remove measuring points from the technical object – just like a regular object.
Technical tab
Here is an overlook of the physical connection between the object measuring point and its siblings. You get a clear view of the gateway it’s connected to and also other measuring points – if any – on the physical node. There are also links to the gateway and the other measuring points to give easy access to the user. This tab is mostly used for troubleshooting and understanding the physical layer of the measuring point
Node structure
It’s similar in thought but takes a holistic tree view of the physical layer of all the measuring points – starting from the gateway layer. Possibility to filter on Systemgroup, division, and groups – also possible to search. All measuring points are linked to the MP detail view.
Alert e-mail function and format
We have redesigned the e-mail format for alarms. To a smoother and more pleasant view for the eye. Apart from the visuals, we have also added the group, object and alarm filter to give the user more information than before.
In addition to the above-mentioned features, we have made a lot of improvements all over the system, from report to back-ground color. And we have also fixed a couple of bugs.
View the complete list of changes in the B3.21.01-Release notes: SX002-0003-B3

Take care and stay safe

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