Version:  Boomerang 3.0 (B3.20.01)

Release date: June 8th 2020

The updated version contains some visual and functional improvements, some bug-fixes and some completely new features:

  • Support for login via Azure Active Directory (AD)
  • Support for our new WIN-nodes; wireless nodes for connecting up to three digital temperature sensors, with memory buffer and battery.
  • Nodeserver supervisor; enables B2-systems (using standard S2-nodes NSRA0xx) to upgrade til Boomerang 3.0.
  • Support for strobe beacon and log of relay outputs (“open/close” eg. alarm contacts).

The actual update procedure of Boomerang 3.0 is smooth and we expect the user experience to be almost seamless.

The Boomerang 3.0 “cloud service” is planned to be updated during a service window between 09:00-11:00 CET on June 8th. For other users having On-premise systems installed on your own servers, please contact our support-group to plan a date and time to make your version update. The new version is well verified and the update is well prepared, we expect only a short interrupt/downtime of some few minutes during the service window.

View the complete list of changes in the B3.20.01-Release notes: SX002-0001-B3