New B2-version

//New B2-version

New B2-version

New B2-version, it is released right now and replaces the previous

In you will find a couple of new exciting features:

  • Support for our new WIB-nodes NWIB00x. They are battery-driven and has a memory buffer in case of communication problems. (Picture shows a WIB-node logging -196°C in a LN2-tank.)
  • Support for the new TransportLogger-client, available to you who has the Transportlogger-module in Boomerang.

In addition, we have taken the opportunity to fix some things that came up during last year’s Boomerang days, such as:

  • Secure Sockets Layer, SSL Support (emails)
  • Technical alarms, e.g. write errors in the database, can now be separated and sent only to the system administrators. Not for all users.
  • Previously, the system did some activities at midnight, eg. to reset transmission queues. We moved this to the middle of the day instead, when the server work load is less and most staff are available for any issues and problems that may arise.
  • Time delay for communication alarms has been extended so that it is always one minute longer than regular alarm filters (which depends on the log frequency)
  • Also a few other bugs that have been corrected.
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