Challenge faced by laboratories

The challenge for a laboratory lies in being able to measure and document temperatures continuously and reliably, and react in time should errors arise, without this being a time-consuming process.

The storage of reagents, vaccines, blood plasma and other samples, and the culturing of bacteria and other organisms, demands a controlled environment in, for example, the refrigerator, freezer or incubator. An incorrect temperature may prove very costly and lead to the loss of valuable samples.

The quality assurance of laboratory work is becoming more and more important nowadays. The authorities also require temperatures to be measured and for measurement data to be traceable in accordance with good laboratory practice (GLP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP).  Taking temperature readings manually generates a fairly extensive amount of administration and paperwork. As this is presumably not a main function of your laboratory, there is a great risk of insufficient documentation.

If you use a so-called temperature log instead, you may later check to find out what temperature variations have occurred. This does not, however, solve the problem of enabling you to salvage samples if an incorrect temperature does occur. Not only are these old methods full of risk, they also detract time from the core work of the laboratory.

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