ICU Scandinavia collects personal data when establishing relationships with potential customers and suppliers, as well as on the operation and log management of our Boomerang and Coolguard systems. The personal data processed within the organization can be compiled as follows:

  • necessary personal data to fulfill the contractual commitment,
  • personal data regarding current contact information to the registered person, as well as
  • other information relating to contractual commitments

I.e. All users in our systems need name, email address and mobile phone number in order to manage Boomerang and Coolguard login information and to distribute alarms and alerts. In addition, we have contact information stored for those of you that have shown interest in our systems and to whom we are in dialogue about possible procurement of Boomerang or Coolguard.

ICU Scandinavia respects your privacy and protects your personal information. All personal data is processed in accordance with applicable data protection laws. We do not share your personal information with anyone, other than information required for orders, deliveries, operator subscriptions and in some cases authorized reseller contacts.

We have developed a document Fair Processing Note whose purpose and purpose is to inform the registered person about our business’s personal data processing, motivation, support, and to present and present the registrant’s rights regarding processing.
We handle personal data according to the GDPR principles (Storage Minimization, Integrity, Legality, Correctness, etc.) and we update our IT Policy, Data Protection Policy, and clarify our procedures for collecting, sharing, handling, processing and deleting personal data.

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Per Hammargren och är försäljnings & marknadschef på ICU Scandinavia. Han är en av grundarna av ICU Scandinavia och har en bakgrund inom IT.