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Per Hammargren och är försäljnings & marknadschef på ICU Scandinavia. Han är en av grundarna av ICU Scandinavia och har en bakgrund inom IT.

November release of Boomerang 3.0

Version:  Boomerang 3.0 (B3.20.02) Release date: November 30th 2020 The updated version contains some visual and functional improvements, some bug-fixes and some completely new features: Transport logging functionality - A new module for Logger card is implemented Dashboard is improved with a "at-a-glance" view of measuring points with actual values. Support for new WIN-nodes; our [...]

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New Boomerang 3.0 Release

Version:  Boomerang 3.0 (B3.20.01) Release date: June 8th 2020 The updated version contains some visual and functional improvements, some bug-fixes and some completely new features: Support for login via Azure Active Directory (AD) Support for our new WIN-nodes; wireless nodes for connecting up to three digital temperature sensors, with memory buffer and battery. Nodeserver supervisor; [...]

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Lab fairs coming up

We will show our new cloud-based Boomerang 3.0 at two Scandinavian lab fairs this fall. September 24-26;  First we go to Copenhagen, where we exhibit at DiaLabExpo. You will find us at stand 3032. October 2-3;  The following week we attend Swedish LabDays in Stockholm, at the Stockholm fair in Älvsjö. We are at stand [...]

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New B2-version

New B2-version, it is released right now and replaces the previous In you will find a couple of new exciting features: Support for our new WIB-nodes NWIB00x. They are battery-driven and has a memory buffer in case of communication problems. (Picture shows a WIB-node logging -196°C in a LN2-tank.) Support for the new [...]

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CPR and First Aid

Today we had an internal conference with training in focus. We have had a number of sessions during the day, including: Basic food safety and hygiene training Environmental education according to our ISO goals and most important: The entire company trained in Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid

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Boomerang at Biobanks

Boomerang participates at the National Biobank Conference arranged by Biobank Sweden. For two days, around 250 participants meet at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Center in Gothenburg to exchange knowledge, to build networks and to discuss biobank issues. Temperature logging, security and traceability are of course important keywords when the conference theme is: "Biobank Sweden [...]

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