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The challenge for a laboratory lies in being able to measure and document temperatures continuously and reliably, and react in time should errors arise, without this being a time-consuming process. The storage of reagents, vaccines, blood plasma and other samples, and the culturing of bacteria and other organisms, demands a controlled environment in, for example, the refrigerator, freezer or incubator. An incorrect temperature may prove very costly and lead to the loss of valuable samples.

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Safety and quality are the cornerstones of all activities that involve the handling of food.  Serving good-quality food using fresh ingredients is something about which everyone who works in a kitchen environment is passionate. On the other hand, a lack of regard to safety and quality may have serious consequences.

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ICU Scandinavia tailors solutions as well as developing solutions to order. We work with partners who are leaders in their respective fields. What we offer is based on our technical platforms and products, as well as our extensive experience of data collection and quality assurance systems. It is this that enables us to find our partners in the area of M2M.

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