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Fairs in October

ICU and Boomerang will participate in two major fairs in October. On 6-10 October, we introduce Boomerang 3.0 on ASRM in Denver USA, together with our American distributor Oosafe Inc. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) hold the largest conference for IVF in America with participants from South, Central and North America and also [...]

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ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

We are pleased to announce that ICU Scandinavia AB, from 2018-09-05 is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Our work on the actual certification process has been ongoing since the beginning of 2018. The fact that ICU Scandinavia is now certified according to ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 9001: 2015 means that both [...]

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Boomerang on display in September

On 6-8 September we will exhibit on RAHR 2018 in Ufa, Russia's largest IVF conference (XXVIII ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF THE RAHR Reproductive Technologies Today and Tomorrow), together with our IVF partner SparMED and our Russian distributor LLC MC Femina At Labdays in Copenhagen, September 11-13, we will introduce the new Boomerang 3.0, the 3rd [...]

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Boomerang 3.0 at ESHRE

On Sunday 1st of July, ESHRE 2018 starts in Barcelona and together with our partner SparMED ApS we show Boomerang. This is the ninth year in a row we are exhibiting at ESHRE and also this year we expect about 10,000 delegates at the largest conference in IVF and reproductive medicine. This year we are [...]

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ICU Scandinavia collects personal data when establishing relationships with potential customers and suppliers, as well as on the operation and log management of our Boomerang and Coolguard systems. The personal data processed within the organization can be compiled as follows: necessary personal data to fulfill the contractual commitment, personal data regarding current contact information to [...]

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Boomerang Day 2018

2018 we celebrate Boomerang 20 years! This anniversary year we are running the Boomerang Day at following locations: Tomorrow we start Copenhagen (April 24th), in Gothenburg(25th) and continue to Oslo Norway (26th). Next week in Helsinki Finland (May 3rd) and week 20 finishing in Stockholm (15th). We are so looking forward to meeting our Boomerang [...]

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The refrigerator – a cool history.

Already 4,000 years ago, the population of Mesopotamia dug pits, where they kept ice and snow from the mountains, to store food. Snow and ice were long the only way for humans to cool or freeze their food and drink. If stored in the soil properly and in the right place it may last for [...]

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Measuring temperature – that’s quite simple, right?

Yes, at first glance ... but measuring temperature correctly is a bit more tricky. I believe all of us have experienced that different thermometers do not show exactly the same value, two thermometers outside the kitchen window or two thermometers in the refrigerator. It can of course depend on the measurement accuracy or calibration of [...]

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