Coolguard Temperarture Monitoring

Automatic Temperature Monitoring

If you have many businesses, such as municipalities or larger restaurant chains, you can – with advantage – also start from a template when setting up the businesses. Template-created activities can of course be supplemented with control areas and tasks that are unique to the specific operation.

Coolguard Temperarture Monitoring

Web-based work tool

Manages and documents your self-control program and your temperatures.

Automatic temperature control

The system reminds and handles work tasks, deviations and temperature alarms. If you also use Coolguard temperature collection, you will automatically enter your temperatures in your work tasks. Quick and easy. When auditing, you can view full documentation and history.

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How does it work?

Once you have chosen COOLGUARD, you will receive your login details and can login. First, register your own food safety program. This is done by creating a number of control areas, from which you can create your work tasks. Set the interval and start date. Work tasks are generated from this date. You are now up and running. Under the respective control areas you can set up an unlimited number of work tasks. You set the periods for the work tasks in a simple work tool, depending on when and how often should the work tasks be done.

Benefits of coolguard

As the system is web-based, you have access to your food safety program from any connected computer. You can check the status, select reports and other documentation at any time. No need to worry about backup, installation problems or other issues that can arise when you want to have access from several computers, such as at work and at home. COOLGUARD has been developed in a Microsoft environment with daily backup, anti-virus protection etc. ICU also has its own development department, which means that new regulatory requirements can be directly implemented and that development for an even more user-friendly interface is ongoing.

System setup
Control areas

The control areas are those areas in your company subjected to food-safety. The actual work tasks lie under the control areas.

Work tasks

Work tasks are generated from the respective control areas in the interval you have specified for them. If a work task is due, a deviation is created. If you also use the Coolguard temperature logging system, you can easily connect the handset to your work task. This is both effective and time-saving, for example during arrival control, and also reduces the risk of disorder and neglect.


Each work task is assigned to an employee in charge. This is the person responsible for the task being done. The number of employees in charge is unlimited, which means you can specify your work tasks to be as detailed as your company requires, e.g. kitchen, washing up, kitchen manager, goods reception etc.


The system contains several different types of deviations: Some are deviations generated from expired work tasks and others are manually created. For customers with automatic temperature registration, there is also a deviation for temperature alarms, and faulty handset readings. All deviations can be part acknowledged in up to ten different steps.


The system stores your HACCP documents in a well-organised tab system just like a ring binder. If you have set up your self-monitoring programme as a PDF in the document management, this is also quickly and easily accessible from the report page.


COOLGUARD contains several report types to support the control: The temperature report, deviation report, control area report and incident log report. They all provide clarity in a quick and simple way. The documentation must also be available for all employees for audit purposes.

Template food-safety

If you have a larger organisation with several companies, you can manage your food safety program via templates. The companies’ food safety program is connected to a central template, and all changes are made by the administration in the template. In the food safety template – you can also choose whether the company can add its own work tasks, or whether everything has to go via the template. Template handling significantly eases administration if you have many companies. Instead of updating the food safety program in 20 companies, you only do it once – in the template– and with just one click all your updates are sent.

Temperature logging

All ICU’s temperature logging system is with COOLGUARD. The temperature system consists of a central unit, which sends temperatures to Coolguard via Internet or SMS. There are also four different types of nodes for the actual temperature logging. Fixed nodes are fitted in the fridge/freezer and automatically measure the temperature. This unit communicates wirelessly with the central unit, eliminating the need for complicated cabling. If a high temperature is registered in the unit, the temperature alarm is activated and an SMS is sent to a pre-registered SMS no. The handset is a portable unit, which measures via IR or measuring probe. You can enter 63 different product groups in the handset. The handset communicates wirelessly with the central unit. The cooling down node. The cooling down node measures and documents the cooling down process from start and end temperature, and the time. This measurement is answered with ok or not ok. The entire cooling down curve is presented in COOLGUARD with a clear graph. All measurements can be commented on.

The following temperature logging options available to Coolguard

  • CoolGuard GateWay
    Temperature measurement in real time via the internet
    Temperature measurement in real time via the internet wireless nodes, handheld, cooling node
  • BoomBridge One
    Temperature measurement in real time via the internet
    Threaded nodes
  • Coolguard SMS
    SMS-based temperature data collection. Suitable for locations with no permanent internet connection
    wireless nodes, handheld, coolin-node
  • Manual temperature
    The user enters himself into his temperature in CoolGuard
Manual node

Manual node enables manual temperature collection. You measure the temperature and fill in a text box in COOLGUARD for documentation.


Temperarure logging nodes



COOLGUARD touch is a concept that allows you to move self-monitoring from at PC in the office out to the company. Instead of an HACCP-responsible employee in the kitchen, everyone can look directly at the screen to see which work tasks need to be done and by whom. Any deviations are quickly alerted, and can therefore be dealt with, while everyone in the kitchen/company become aware of the existing regulatory requirements and internal requirements.

You set up your self-monitoring programme with COOLGUARD on www and access it via your touch screen when outside the company. If you have an iPhone or android phone, you can also work regardless of your location*. You can acknowledge deviations and work tasks on your phone, and access temperature and incident registrations. If you are connected to a temperature system, you can quickly and easily gain access to the registrations and graphs that control the alarm connection to each node.

COOLGUARD touch is available for computers with touch-panel, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android

Who can use COOLGUARD?

Almost all companies with self-monitoring requirements can use COOLGUARD. The system is suitable for both individual companies and groups with widespread companies. The customer can have an unlimited number of companies and users. The users are connected to one or more companies, which means they only see information relevant to them.


In COOLGUARD all users are split into five different role groups: Implementers – users – company supervisor – area supervisor – administrator


Full access to the system. Is able to set up new users and companies. Creates and edits models and control areas for all companies in the database. This role is suitable for customers with several companies and requires your own database.

Area supervisor

Access and editing options for control area and work tasks. No access to administration. This role is suitable for individual companies.

Company supervisor

Like an area supervisor, but without the option to create new, edit or delete work tasks.


Access to acknowledgement function and documents. Document collection is not possible.


Can only print work tasks and reports. Acknowledgement function not possible.