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Coolguard Temperarture Monitoring

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manages and documents your self-control program and your temperatures.

How can I optimize the kitchen environment?

Den här översiktliga broschyren ger dig en sammanfattning på Coolguard, ditt webbaserade verktyg som hanterar och dokumenterar ditt egenkontrollprogram och dina temperaturer.

Guide to increased quality in the large-scale catering establishment

Safety and quality are the cornerstones of all activities that involve the handling of food. Serving good-quality food using fresh ingredients is something about which everyone who works in a kitchen environment is passionate. On the other hand, a lack of regard to safety and quality may have serious consequences. The worst-case scenario would be a customer or guest falling ill because of the food. However, even if people do not fall ill, the reputation of the business may be at stake.

How do I set up the requirements?

It is not every day that you buy a system for this. It is not that easy to understand how to set up requirements and how they should work.

How do I buy and roll out an automated internal control system?

We have written this document for those of you who are responsible for internal control within larger organisations such as municipalities, county councils and restaurant chains. Buying a digital internal control system is not something you do every day. We have produced this document to give you an overview of the process of buying and rollout. What do you need to consider?

Coolguard Touch – presentation

Buying a digital self-monitoring system is something you do not do every day. To give a picture of the process looks like with purchase and roll-out, we have made this document. What should you think about?