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Boomerang for lab

Boomerang for lab

Automatic and continuous temperature logging. 
Our comprehensive Boomerang brochure gives you a summary of automatic and continuous logging for quality assurance in laboratories.


Guide to an efficient and secure lab environment

A thought-provoking sequence of events:
When the temperature of the refrigerator is read on Monday morning, it is discovered that the temperature threshold has been exceeded since the reading taken on Friday morning. What do you do now? According to the instructions, you need to discard the entire content of the refrigerator, i.e. all the valuable reagents and samples that have been stored in the refrigerator need to be thrown away. DISASTER!

Requirements for laboratory control systems

Different activities place different demands on what type of control you should have and what documentation you should prepare. When you look at temperature logging, there are choices, depending on what scope you can imagine and what budget you have.

Investments in control systems

Investment needs:
What investments should you expect to have to make to get started? What are the costs over time or is it perhaps the case that you can make money by implementing temperature logging?

The idea of ​​this document is to give you an idea of ​​what investments are required and what savings you can achieve by obtaining an automatic logging system, this is the kind of information you may need to go through when you come to a budget decision.

The safety guide

Are there guarantees that the temperature logging system will always work and what happens if questions arise? In this document, we describe services and the organization we have built up to be able to offer security and safety to laboratories that choose to implement automatic quality systems for continuous temperature logging.


Features in Boomerang

Here is a technical description of the most important and most used features of the Boomerang system.

BBO – Measuring node (data acquisition hardware)

BBO, BoomBridge ONE is a LAN-based multi-input node for continuous monitoring and logging. The BBO connects directly without gateways via Ethernet or WiFi to a Boomerang On Premise or Boomerang Cloud server to provide easy installation and high flexibility. Typical usage is when several types of equipment are located in the same room, this monitoring solution is cost-efficient. Eg. a bank of refrigerators or freezers in one room.

WIN-nodes – Measuring nodes (data acquisition hardware)

WIN-nodes series is a wireless communication concept for monitoring and logging of environmental parameters in laboratories; temperature, humidity, CO2 etc. All nodes are wireless, have a memory buffer and are battery powered. The nodes communicate wireless via a base station (Gateway) to the Boomerang service.

TinySense-nodes – Measuring nodes (data acquisition hardware)

TinySense is a part of the IoT (Internet-of-Things) solution provided by Boomerang, the wireless sensor size is 19×19×2.5 mm. The Boomerang TinySense concept provides fast and flexible monitoring of refrigerators and freezers also on singular and remotely located measuring points, such as: refrigerators in pharmacy stores, in health care centers, cold storage etc.

Cloud-nodes – Measuring nodes (data acquisition hardware)

Cloud nodes are part of the IoT (Internet-of-Things) solution provided by Boomerang, each Cloud node can log one temperature from -80°C to +50°C. All nodes are wireless, have a memory buffer and are battery powered. The nodes have a SIM card and communicate wireless via mobile networks all over the world (4G & 5G) to the Boomerang service.


In this datasheet you will find the most commonly used Boomerang accessories.


In this datasheet you will find the most commonly used Boomerang sensors.

LCSS agreement

ICU Scandinavia enters into long-term LCSS agreements with all Boomerang customers. As well as the licence, which guarantees availability and access to future software updates, LCSS is also an extended warranty for your Boomerang products. The LCSS agreement grants your access to support and help via phone, email or chat.

Training and Education services

ICU Scandinavia provides training courses for all types of Boomerang users, in this datasheet, you find more detailed information on Boomerang training.

Application Notes

Infrastructure – Boomerang 3.0 measuring points

This application note describes how to configure your Boomerang system. To choose appropriate data acquisition hardware (nodes) and which sensor to use.

Infrastructure – Map application with Node concepts

This application note describes different monitoring applications and how you can map our Boomerang monitoring concepts for your specific requirements in the most efficient way.