About Us

ICU Scandinavia AB is a privately-owned company that works in fields such as logging, monitoring and quality assurance.

We sell automatic quality assurance systems for laboratories, cold storage facilities and food safety that meet the regulatory requirements for logging and documentation. We also offer tailor-made solutions adapted to our customers’ circumstances, applications and lines of business. Our head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden, but our customers and partners are located all over the world.


ICU develops and markets two quality assurance systems, Boomerang and CoolGuard. Boomerang is aimed at laboratories and CoolGuard at restaurant kitchens. The systems are developed entirely on the basis of what functionality is required, not based on what technology is available. We are proud to say that all new features in Boomerang and CoolGuard are derived from the ideas of our customers who use the systems.

The number of customers using Boomerang and Coolguard for quality assurance is increasing all the time, and today our systems are used throughout the world. We have customers in Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Today, we have more than 40,000 measuring points distributed among about 1,000 customers.


ICU Scandinavia was founded in 1992 as a development centre within the electronics and IT industry. The company’s focus was on finding various solutions for the monitoring and management of a range of industrial applications. The name “ICU Scandinavia AB” was chosen, reflecting the area of monitoring through the sound of the letters, i.e. ICU = “I see you”.

In 1997, management took the strategic decision to develop its own products for logging and monitoring in laboratories – the Boomerang quality assurance system. At the start of 2003, ICU Scandinavia identified a major “new” market requirement for quality assurance systems: food safety in large-scale catering establishments.

In 2007, ICU Scandinavia introduced the Client/Server version of Boomerang, which made it possible to connect logging from several labs to the same Boomerang system. Large Boomerang systems were able to cover an entire hospital, country council or companies with laboratories distributed over a large geographical area such as the whole of Sweden or the entire Nordic region.

In 2011, ICU Scandinavia defined three business areas: Laboratories, Cold Storage and Food Safety. In that year, the web version of Boomerang was also introduced, the cloud-based service Boomerang-in-the-cloud, which is primarily aimed at the growing pharmacy market and other players in the cold storage facility and logistics areas.

In March 2012, CoolGuard was acquired. With the acquisition of the “competitor” CoolGuard, ICU Scandinavia doubled its customer base in the Food Safety business area to over 800 customers.

In April 2019, we introduced Boomerang in the Cloud (Boomerang version3) to the market. Boomerang in the Cloud has created a whole new level of simplicity and scalability. Boomerang In the Cloud can handle millions of measurement points and can be installed with one click. Boomerang in the Cloud can also be run on premise and as a private Cloud.

At ICU Scandinavia, we have a clear mission: to supply “automatic quality assurance systems for laboratories, cold storage facilities and food safety that meet the regulatory requirements for logging and documentation”.

Our vision is to connect automatic quality assurance systems over the Internet for many thousands of customers (laboratories, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, logistics companies and department stores) worldwide.

Boomerang systems around the world